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Wood Machinery Center

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Tämä jälleenmyyjä ei ole vielä jättänyt yrityskuvausta.

Herra Tapio Ylipuranen
Alvajärventie 15
40270 Palokka

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HAWA purseenpoistokone
HAWA purseenpoistokone hava hava

The debarker is great for debarking hardwood as well as softwood. Carriage made of heavy steel construction 5 pairs of drive wheels Milling arm made of heavy steel construction Hyd... ...

Kuorimakone Wiedemann 600 / 900 / 1000 / 1200

Wiedemann Entrindungsanlagen is a family-run company with decades of experience in wood barking and log processing. We are manufacturers of debarking machines with rotor openings o... ...


Used Cambio 500 including infeed table and CamTrail pull-out unit. Manufacturer Söderhamn. Year of manufacture 2006 Machine was exchanged due to increase in log diameter. Delivery ... ...

Cambio 66 Kuormanpoisto
Cambio 66 Kuormanpoisto Cambio 66

Used Cambio 66 for sale, the machine is available immediately. Infeed has been converted to hydraulic. Main bearing and one angle arm need to be adjusted. Boc2qxlx3wc... ...

Tukin keskityskuljetin ennen kuorintaa
Tukin keskityskuljetin ennen kuorintaa Kockums Cambio

Manufacturer: Kockums Model: Cambio Min - Max diameter: 6,5 - 45 cm - Manufacturer: Kockums - Weight: 3000 kg - Min - Max log diameter: 6,5 - 50 cm Rtb8c7hmwf -... ...

Kuorinta Valon Kone VK26MX

Machine designation: Rotor debarker + infeed/centering rocker + outfeed support rollers + 18.30m long log puller + disposal scraper conveyor Manufacturer: Valon Kone Model: VK... ...

Kuorimakone Söderhamn Cambio 70 - 66 BA

All components have been sandblusted, checked and painted. Rotor bearing has been totally renovated as well as all bearings have been changed. Basic condition is good as it general... ...

Kuorimakone Cambio 45 HD roottori
Kuorimakone Cambio 45 HD roottori Cambio 45

Essentially new Cambio 45 HD Air-ten rotor with Campro Trimax debarking tools. Lsw0rljmq... ...

Tukkien kuorimalaite Cambio 66
Tukkien kuorimalaite Cambio 66 Cambio 66

An old machine with the most original debarking tools, definitely needs repair if you want to fix it. Rniwheewbd... ...

Kuormanpoistolaite Cambio 66
Kuormanpoistolaite Cambio 66 Cambio 66

Mashine can be set on rails so it can be moved away from line if problem with it. Ljroz8c0c It is possible to modify the tools tensioning system to new air-ten system. At the momen... ...

Pyöreät tukit kuorimakone
Pyöreät tukit kuorimakone Valon Kone OY VK-550-Combi 2R/620

Debarker incl. infeed conveyor, for max log size 600 mm, speed up 100 m/min, reducer rotor and debarking rotor, debarking rotor is NEW PRODUCED with warranty time, reducer rotor ch... ...

Debarker Valon Kone VK550-C-2R

Valon Kone VK550-C-2R - year of manufacture: 1997 - complete renovation made: 2019/2020 - complete with infeed table - electric cabinets - control unit - hydraulic station Bdv7aax9... ...


Log peeler CAMBIO 45 AIR TEN.The peeler will be sold after a complete overhaul.The peeler will be equipped with a new generation of knives. The peeling line includes 1.Table for un... ...

kuljetinjärjestelmä Söderhamn Feeding conveyor

Feeding and centering conveyor, most suitable before CAMBIO debarking machines Bgjmbqu8tm... ...

Debarker Söderhamn Outfeeding wheels

Totally renovated outfeeding wheels for CAMBIO debarkingmachines Docl07... ...

Kuorenpoisto- ja vähentämislaitteet
Kuorenpoisto- ja vähentämislaitteet Söderhamn Eriksson / USNR

Used Camtool set for Cambio 71-45 Tool holder 5pc Knive holder 5pc Knives 5pc Docjut... ...

Kuorenpoisto- ja vähentämislaitteet
Kuorenpoisto- ja vähentämislaitteet Söderhamn Eriksson / USNR

New Cambio 71-45 spare parts Camtool tool holders Camtool knive holders Camtool knives Pyramo plates Zrfars3w... ...

Kuorenpoisto- ja vähentämislaitteet
Kuorenpoisto- ja vähentämislaitteet Trimax

Cambio 71-75 spare parts Trimax knives C 75 65 mm Crush coat Pm0w8l0puz... ...

Kuorimakone/kuorinta Safo
Kuorimakone/kuorinta Safo Safo DNVA

Debarker with hydraulic infeed Bloqumspkta... ...

Jyrsinpään kuorinta
Jyrsinpään kuorinta Häwa H249

HÄWA debarker -reconditioned-- -type H249 / 800 -Carriage made of a heavy welded steel construction -5 pairs of main drive wheels B088d7sz -Hydraulics for ejector -milling arm made... ...

Debarker Cambio 71-75AA

Log debarker Cambio 71 75 with feed and output table. Gxay3yu Working condition. - Rotor opening 750 mm - Max. log diameter 750 mm - Min. log diameter 110 mm Shortest log 3 m with... ...

Debarker Cambio 70-66BA

Log Debarker Cambio 66 after complete renovation. It is possible either on tires or Air Ten system. - Rotor opening 660mm Dnwc3h - Min. log diameter 100 mm - Min. log length 3 m - ... ...

Debarker Valon Kone VK450

Valon kone Debarker VK450 Year 1985 Overhauled at our workshop Debarking diameter (mm) 80 - 480 Min. log length (m) 2.2 Motor: feedworks (kW) 3x11 Bpug7wt7o... ...

Logintake ja kuorimalaite
Logintake ja kuorimalaite

Log intake with cambio 66 debarker and outfeed conveyor with log kicker. Max log diameters 65 cm Ofjvez32vl Min log diameters 10 cm Min log length 3 meter... ...

Kuorinta Söderhamn Camtrail

Pull-out control unit according to Cambio debarking machine. Standard machine for sale at a reasonable price. Bknvoeohq23... ...