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Used metal machinery

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Anian Rantatie 902
33980 Pirkkala

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Pyöreän taivutuskone 1500 x 14 mm
Pyöreän taivutuskone 1500 x 14 mm DAVI PROMAU MCO 1524

Manufacturer: Davi Promau Type: MCO 1524 Control system: DAVI EASY Year of construction: 2013 DAVI PROMAU Easy opperator TOUCH Harned rolls (induction hardned) Conical bending at... ...

Pyöreän taivutuskone 3100 x 28 mm
Pyöreän taivutuskone 3100 x 28 mm Faccin 4HEL 3137

Manufacturer: FACCIN Type: 4HEL 3137 Control: CNC Faccin PC Year of construction: 1998 Hardned rolls Top support Side support Conical bending attachment 3 rolls driven In-Feed ta... ...

Pyöreä taivutuskone
Pyöreä taivutuskone Haeusler EVO 31031 4-Walzen Blechbiegemaschine

The EVO is the latest innovation in sheet metal processing. It is equipped with numerous innovative and patented features that increase your production capacity and productivity, w... ...

ohutlevyn taivutuskoneet
ohutlevyn taivutuskoneet DAVI 4 roll plate rolling machine

machine available with special price Eznpnsa3l... ...

pyörötaivutuskoneet SAHINLER 4R HS 20-245

Diameter of upper roller 245 mm Diameter of lower roll 245 mm Diameter of side roll 180 mm Rolling speed 1,5 / 6 m/min Motor power 7.5 kW Weight 6000 kg 4 rolls Drive of upper roll... ...

pyörötaivutuskoneet ISOLID 3600 x 125mm

Manufacturer: ISOLD (Spain) Model: IGV1504000 Year: 2014 Hydraulic 3 Roll Heavy Duty Plate Bending Rolls Variable Geometry Type Manufacturer: ISOLID (Spain) Maximum Rolling Capaci... ...

Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Schäfer
Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Schäfer Schäfer SRMVhy, 3000x15/10/8mm

Plate roller Sheet metal roller Removable upper-roller Model:  3-Roller Manufacturer:  Schä fer Type: SRMVHY Max. sheet width: 3000 mm Max. sheet thickness pre-bendi... ...

Levyvalssi Faccin

Faccin plate roller 2000x22/18 MM incl. side support - center support - feed table - full CNC - 4 rolls Dc0m20z Faccin plate bending machine working widt 2000MM bending 22 millime... ...

levyjen rullataivutuskoneet
levyjen rullataivutuskoneet MG MH2518 4ROLL

Hydraulic plate bending machine 4-roll capacity 2500x18 mm thickness Brand MG model MH2518 Year of mfg 2008 Bending capacity with prepinching plate width 2500 mm thickn... ...

pyörötaivutuskoneet DAVI MCA

WALKS Number of rollers: 4 Length of rollers:650 mm Diameter of rollers: Top roller 110 mm (less deflection due to PSG technology) Smallest possible diameter: 121 mm Bkgqj2o7 Ma... ...

Kolmen rullan ohutlevyn taivutuskone
Kolmen rullan ohutlevyn taivutuskone SMT - PULLMAX PV 7 EH

sheet width 2520 mm plate thickness 15.0 mm pre-bending capacity 12.0 mm upper roll diameter Ø 295 mm lower roll diameter Ø 295 mm bending speed 5.2 m/min work height max. 1200 mm ... ...

levyn rullataivutuskone
levyn rullataivutuskone MG srl MG0700H

3roll plate bending machine year 1999 make MGsrl model 750x100 mm Thickness bending capacity 100 mm Coqzq2kd Width max 750 mm planetary hydraulic roll bending machine with p... ...

koneet pyöreän taivutusta varten
koneet pyöreän taivutusta varten DAVI MCO 2024

Type: MCO 2024 Year of manufacture: 2008 Country: Italy Specifications: Max. plate length 2000 mm Max. plate thickness 16 mm Number of rollers 3 pcs Max. pre-bend 13 mm Main engin... ...

Hydraulinen kolmen rullan pyöreä taivutuskone
Hydraulinen kolmen rullan pyöreä taivutuskone MG CI 330/40

Working length: 3100mm, sheet thickness rounding/ bending: 40/32mm, top/side roll diameter: 460/ 420mm, connected load: 30kW, with documentation, on-site inspection is possible. Bk... ...

Pyöreä taivutuskone
Pyöreä taivutuskone Faccin 4 HEL 3 x 25/20

Used machine Year of construction: 1998 Performance: Sheet thickness rolling: 25mm Sheet thickness bending: 20mm With pipe diameter 5 x top roll diameter: 1850mm For tube diameter... ...

pyörötaivutuskoneet Sahinler SHV 4R OHS 2070X320 4R OHS 2070X320

Maks. kapasitet på forbukk: 20 mm Maks. valsekapasitet: 25 mm Maks. overvalsediameter: 320 mm Min. valsediameter: 260 mm Valselengde: 2070 mm Cvk0shr3wc Motor: ... ...

Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Piesok XZM
Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Piesok XZM Piesok, CSSR XZM 3000/16

Plate roller Sheet metal roller Niaujhjxid Removable upper-roller Model:  3-Roller Manufacturer: Piesok, CSSR, (Prerovské Strojirny CZ) Type: XZM 3000/16 Motor-power:&... ...

pyörötaivutuskoneet MGsrl 4roll 3000x40 mm

model capacity 3000x40 mm Digital readout Hydraulic 4 roll plate bending machine plate thickness rolling 40 mm pre-bend 32 mm minimum rolling diameter ID 520 mm plate max width ... ...

pyörötaivutuskoneet DAVI MCD 3034

Davi bending roller. Bending length 3100 mm. Maximum bending capacity at 3 meters 20 mm. Diameter of the driving rollers 340 mm. Dimension display on the bending rollers. Decompens... ...

Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Weingarten
Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Levyvalssi Weingarten Weingarten RD18-20

Plate roller Sheet metal roller Removable upper-roller Model: 3-roller Manufacturer: Weingarten Type: RD18-20 Engine power: 18.5kW Max. sheet width: 2000mm Max. sheet thickness: ... ...

Pyöreät taivutuskoneet
Pyöreät taivutuskoneet FRORIEP RHEYD

FRORIEP RHEYD YOM 1957 CAPACITY LENGTH 1000 MM - 13500 MM X THICKNESS 98 MM - 47.5 MM Machine is in good working condition and can be inspected in operation Yl92tfzx... ...

levyn rullataivutuskone 4 rullaa
levyn rullataivutuskone 4 rullaa MGsrl MH225

4 roll plate bending machine hydraulic model MH225 -brand MG Italy Planetary technology double initial pinch plate prebend Capacity 2000 x 25 mm plate rolling Pre-ben... ...

Kolmen rullan pyöreät taivutuskoneet
Kolmen rullan pyöreät taivutuskoneet BIKO / FACCIN 2550 x 16/10 mm

Technical data: Working length: 2550 mm max. bending capacity: 16.0 mm bending: 10.0 mm Diameter top roller: 285 mm Diameter bottom roller: 265 mm Hydraulic folding bearing Conical... ...

3rulla 3000x130/100 mm
3rulla 3000x130/100 mm MGsrl PH3.1500

Plate roll hydraulic variable axis 3 roll capacity 3100x 130 mm with prepinch Brand MG model PH3.1500 year 2016 machine in perfect conditions. top roll size 880 mm side r... ...

Nelirullainen taivutuskone
Nelirullainen taivutuskone Schäfer SVRM

TECHNICAL DETAILS sheet width: 3000mm Bale length upper roller: 3,050 mm bale length bottom roller: 3,050 mm bale length side roll: 3,100 mm Roll diameter top roll: 405 mm Roll di... ...

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